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Top Tips on using our service

Make the Most of your GP

Did you know...? snippets


It will not have escaped your notice that appointment waiting times are increasing. There are simply not enough GPs as existing GPs retire, resign and emigrate and those who leave are not being replaced. This is due to a variety of reasons, not least of which is deliberate and chronic underfunding by successive governments. The crisis is affecting the whole GP service throughout the UK.

We want to provide you with a quality service, however, we do need your help to do this. These pages are here to help you make the most effective use of our services.

Did you know...? snippets of information

This page gives you information on getting the best from our service. We provide this information to help patients direct themselves to the most appropriate source of help and also to help them make the most of their interactions with us.

Some of this information may have been provided previously in the form of our regular newsletter, Ivy Grove News, which is available to download or read online.

Did you know patients who do not attend...

or cancel their appointments cost the NHS over £700m in lost revenue annually? That is enough to run two hospitals! Recent data shows that the total number of missed appointments last year at Ivy Grove is equivalent to the loss of 6 weeks of GP and nurse time!

Did you know hospitals should not tell patients to bring their hospital outpatient prescriptions to their GP surgery?

GPs are not supposed to convert hospital prescriptions to GP prescriptions as this mean the NHS pays for this twice!

Did you know you can now book GP appointments on-line?

Ask at reception or go to ivy.gs/online.

Did you know the hospital should give you a fit note?

(if you need one) following your inpatient episode or outpatient appointment. See ivy.gs/med3 for more info.

Did you know you can self refer for physio treatment?

Just call Physio Direct on 01335 230079.

Did you know it can take up to 6 weeks for your GP to receive a letter from the consultant..

following your hospital appointment?

Did you know you are free to book a telephone appointment...

for conditions that do not require us to see you face to face? For example, sick note requests where we have seen you before, advice on minor illness, reviews of simple conditions, discussion of results. Simply ask reception when you ring to book.

Did you know when your no-win no-fee solicitor requests a copy of your records...

with your consent we are obliged to send over the entire copy of your medical record for their advisors to review? You should be aware that this may include sensitive information about your own medical history, which you may or may not wish to reveal to others. Please bear this in mind when you next make a claim.

Did you know you can now view certain aspects of your medical record online?

You can view your current medications and drug allergies if you have a Patient Access account. With this account you can also order your repeat prescriptions and book a limited number of appointments online. Ask reception for registration details if you wish to register for this useful service.

Did you know you can self-refer to the Stop Smoking Service without seeing a doctor?

If one of your resolutions was to stop smoking, then well done! You can ring 0800 0852299 or 01246 515153 and access the free service run by Derbyshire Community Health Services.

Did you know about a million people see their GP every single day?

And the NHS employs 1.3 million people making it one of the largest employers in the world.

Did you know you can now check your symptoms on our website?

Not sure where to go or who to turn to for advice and help for your condition or symptom? We have now launched our symptom checker online, where you can look up your symptom on our website. Please note this page is simply a guide to the most appropriate first port of call. Please visit ivy.gs/symptoms.

Did you know you can download a range of patient information leaflets from our website?

We have a range of leaflets and also links to other sites, where you can download information for your condition. For more details, please visit ivy.gs/dl.

Did you know that you can carry resistant bacteria for up to one year after taking an antibiotic?

That means the bacteria will not be killed off if you are given the same antibiotics again. This is why it's best to use antibiotics only when you really need them, in case you get something really serious and need life-saving antibiotics to work for you.

Did you know that you can visit our mobile website simply by using your smartphone and going to our desktop website ivy.gs?

You will be redirected to our mobile site which has been optimised to display the same essential information as the main site, but in an easy to browse format. You can always leave the mobile site and visit our desktop site by clicking the link at the bottom of each page.

Did you know that if you are going on holiday and need more medications to cover it...

We can issue an extended supply before you go away? Simply indicate that you are going away on your next repeat prescription request. Please note that we are not permitted to issue more than three month's supply of any medication to take out of the country.

Did you know that we send text reminders 48 hours before your appointment?

To all patients for whom we have a mobile phone number on record.

Did you know that you can book appointments online 24/7?

This service is available round the clock every day at ivy.gs/online

Did you know that you can prebook appointments up to 6 weeks ahead?

But we do ask that you try and do your best not to forget your appointment (but we will text you as above)!

Did you know that we are open late on Wednesdays?

We offer appointments till 7.20pm for those who work or need a later appointment.

Did you know that we can carry out limited numbers of minor operations?

However the list of procedures we are allowed to perform has been drastically reduced by the Department of Health.

Did you know that blood tests are not carried out at the surgery any more?

All phlebotomy services are carried out at Ripley Hospital and are commissioned by Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (SDCCG).

Did you know there is a search function now on certain key pages of our website?

If you need to search for newsletter content (ivy.gs/ign), telephone numbers (ivy.gs/numbers), downloadable leaflets (ivy.gs/dl), symptoms (ivy.gs/symptoms) then please use the search boxes now provided on those pages.

Did you know Ripley Hospital no longer take children's blood tests?

For blood tests in children aged 5 to 12 years old, contact Royal Derby Hospital 01332 340131 or Ilkeston Hospital 0115 930 5522 extension 231 to book an appointment for a blood test.

Did you know domestic violence affects all people regardless of age, colour or sex?

It happens in all kinds of families and relationships. Persons of any class, culture, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, age, and sex can be victims or perpetrators of domestic violence. For help ring the Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Helpline available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on 08000 198 668. In an emergency, contact 999. You will find posters that can be read in private in our patient toilets.

Did you know if you need any back-issues of our newsletter

you can visit ivy.gs/ign and download older issues, dating all the way back to 2009.

Did you know you can use shortcuts to get to our website

don't worry if you forget our full Ivy Grove Surgery website address! You can always get to it easily by typing our ivy.gs shortcut directly into your web browser. Can't remember the shortcut? Here's how you can remember it:

IVY dot Grove Surgery


Did you know we do answer our phones even though it may not feel like it!

In 2015 we had a total of 118,391 calls in and out of the surgery, of which 81,593 were incoming calls. This averages as around 323 calls every day. One day in March 2015 we received 441 calls, of which 290 were made before 1pm.

Did you know your choose and book passwords are in your paperwork!

We get many calls to our admin team from patients who cannot find the passwords to enable them to book their hospital appointments. Please note that the passwords are on the third or last page of your referral paperwork.

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