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Patient Group: Terms of Reference

Ivy Grove Surgery : Patient Group

The Patient Group (PG)

Chair's letter

Terms of reference

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Terms of Reference

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The name of the group is the Ivy Grove Patient Group; hereafter known as the PG.


The purpose of the group is to give a voice to the patients of the Ivy Grove Surgery (the Practice) and to promote co-operation between the Practice and Patients to the mutual benefit of both.


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Membership of the PG shall be open to all registered patients of the Practice who wish to further the aims of the PG.

Patients shall receive no direct benefit from their membership of the PG.

The PG shall consist of a minimum of six patients.

The PG shall decide amongst themselves the appointment of a Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary and Treasurer.


The Chair is responsible for Chairing meetings and deciding meeting agendas and shall be the focal point for contact with the group.

The Secretary shall record the minutes of meetings and distribute minutes, agendas and other relevant paperwork as appropriate.

The Treasurer shall keep note of all money which passes in and out of the PG's bank account and shall provide details of the state of the current finances at PG meetings as required.


The PG shall work in partnership with the Practice, but will remain independent from it. The views of the PG members are not necessarily those of the Practice and shall not be represented as such.

Annual Meeting

A meeting will be held each year in the month of January or as soon as practicable thereafter. The business to be conducted at the annual meeting shall include:

  • A review of PG activity and achievements over the previous twelve months;
  • A review of the terms of reference of the PG;
  • Patient suggestions for PG activity during the next twelve 
  • Details of the state of the PG's current finances; and
  • Appointment of the members for Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
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